Your thoughts on domains?

Do you personally invest into any domains? Even if you don’t buy them yourself, do you think the value will rise on lesser quality names like in the future? We all see what names sell for these days, but it seams like adding that fourth letter really knocks the value down!

Have invested in a large number of domain names, finding it difficult to sell these domains at a fair price to cover reg fee.

I am afraid you won’t able to buy new domains, you need to buy it from other domainers. So that’s a big investment. However you can profit from it, if some company offer to buy that domain. They usually pays the most for these kind of domains.

Contacting end users for domain names seems to be difficult only resellers are contacting at present.

The LLLL market has really blown up lately. If you’ve got Chinese Premium 4 letter .COM’s (with no a,e,i,o,u,v) then they will easily get $1K+ now. Even the worst quality’s are selling for $150-$200 now. Those who registered before can really reap the benefits now. Hurry up before the bubble bursts! :slight_smile:

Planning to sell the lowest quality domain names. what are the main factors determing quality of the domain names?