Methods to Promote Your Domain Auctions

If you’re ever running a domain auction through Flippa, Sedo, or someplace similar then it’s important to know that you can increase your bids by doing some simple free promotion for your auction. There are lots of different ways you can get free exposure into your auctions and I’m going to list just a few inside this thread.

Post it on Twitter - Create a twitter account and post some tweets for your auction. Take the URL, shorten it, and then write a new tweet using popular domain hashtags. Here is an example tweet that has the auction link shortened: The #DomainName is 4 Sale on #Flippa! Bid Now: #Sedo #Domaining #Bido #SEO" It’s right around 100 characters and uses a number of good domainer hashtags.

Post it on Facebook - Login to Facebook and do a search for “Domains”…Next, filter it to just the Groups. You now have dozens of relevant groups you can join and post your names on.

Post it on LinkedIn - Same thing here. Login, do a search for “Domains” and filter by groups. You’ll find lots of groups you can join and post on.

Signature Links - If you’re a member of this forum then you’re probably a member of other domain related forums out there. Go around to each and add a nice link into your signature pointing to the auction.

All of the methods listed above can give a nice boost in your auctions exposure, increasing the chances of getting more bids. Best of all, none of these methods cost any money!

Yes those are some good places to advertise your auctions. At the same time its also important to list your domain in a active marketplace where there are decent buyers. Otherwise you may not get good offer even though you promote your auction.