How to Find Potential End Users

There are tons of different ways you can find potential buyers for your domain names. Before I go on, I want to make it clear that there is a big difference between flipping your domain to an end user and flipping it to a reseller. If the person buys your domain and develops it into something related to their business then I would consider them an end user. If they buy it only to park it and hope for selling later at a profit then it’s just another reseller.

This thread is dedicated to helping people find actual end users for their domains. End users are normally the best because they’ll often give you the most for your domain. That doesn’t mean you’ll become rich necessarily, but you’ll usually get the fairest price.

Finding End Users
The first thing I always do when looking for end users is a quick search in the two biggest search engines. Google and Yahoo will often give you completely different results. For example, if I own the domain then I’ll open Google in one tab and Yahoo in another, then search for “Houston Plumbing” in both. From here you should get a whole bundle of businesses to start contacting.

The next thing you can do to look for end users is by looking at pay per click ads. Going with the example above - You may want to look at what PPC ads show up while searching those search engines. Along with that, look for some blogs or websites that have adwords on them and see what PPC ads are showing up.

Contacting End Users
Now that you probably have dozens of relevant companies to contact, you need to reach out to them. First of all, I don’t recommend using contact forms on websites. Those will often lead to people who don’t make decisions and will usually just end up in their trash bin. For finding the right person it’s usually good to either perform a whois lookup on the domain, or look for the company on a business website such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Manta…etc.

My second tip is to stay away from sending emails to “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”…etc. Once again, these will usually go to the wrong people and they’ll end up deleting it. You should always look to be emailing an actual person. Finding something like “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”…etc is always a good sign you’re reaching a specific person.

Another tip is to customize your emails. Always include the persons name if you can, their business name, and domain name. You don’t want to copy/paste every email you send because it increases your chances of being flagged for spam. Customize your emails and send them out manually!

Have anything you’d like to add? Lets help each other out and share more helpful tips and hints for finding the right end users to flip your domains too :slight_smile: