Expired Domain Drop Catching Software

[center]Expired Domain Drop Catching Software[/center]

Everyday thousands of expired domains drop and become available for new registration. People around the world will try register these names for various purposes including website development, domain flipping, and parking for extra income. Whenever an expired domain name drops it becomes a race to see who can register it first. Whomever does will be the lucky new owner and this software will help you achieve that! DesktopCatcher is a simple desktop application that lets you add domains deleting on a specific date. You then enable the registrars you want to use and run the software during the specific drop time for whatever extension you’re chasing. During that time the software will run and send hundreds of requests to the registrars to try and register the domain. Once the domain drops it will be automatically registered through one of your selected registrars and now in your ownership!

Run Up To 12 Registrars Simultaneously - Our application lets you setup and run up to ONE DOZEN different domain registrar APIs all at the same time! These include DynaDot, NameSilo, NameCheap, Gandi,, Fabulous, Enom, OnlineNIC, Moniker, rrpProxy, MijnDomeinReseller, and ResellerClub. The more registrars you enable and run, the more requests you can have being sent off each second. The more requests you can send each second the higher chances you have of successfully catching a dropping domain!
Built in Scheduler with Presets - Use the scheduler option to automatically set and run the software anytime you might not be near the computer. You can also preset up to 4 different times for quick and easy setting anytime in the future!

That’s not all though! DesktopCatcher is full of other features that can help anyone who is into SEO or Domain Investing. Have a look at the features below:
Bulk Domain Availability Checker - Use this tool to quickly check availability on extremely large lists of domain names. For example, you go out and scrape 10000 URLs from across the internet and now you want to check them all for availability - This would be the tool to use!
Bulk MOZ Domain Analyzer - This tool can be used to check MOZRank, Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Link Counts across extremely large lists of domain names.
Expired Domain Search - Automatically pull and search through expired domain lists that will be deleting within the next 5 days. You can filter by extension, hyphens, numbers…etc.
IDN Drop Catcher - Use this tool if you want to drop catch Internationalized Domains. These are names that use non-English characters such as 名がドメイン.com

The software isn’t just limited to what you see in this thread. Visit our website right now and learn more about everything included within DesktopCatcher!