Buyer doesn't accept transfer - What to do?

This is a new one for me and I’d like to get some opinions from other members on this board as to what I should do…

Say you sell a domain to someone through one of the message boards and the funds are sent no problem. You initiate the domain push and they tell you “thanks” and you don’t hear from them anymore. Now, they never accept the domain push and eventually that gets cancelled. You re-initiate another domain push to them and message them. Once again, the domain is never accepted and now it’s back sitting in your account again. Months go by and you never hear from the buyer, the payment never gets charged back, and the domain is going to expire in a month or two.

It’s a good domain you don’t want to just give to the registrar to auction off, so what do you do? Renew it and it’s yours again since you had to pay out of pocket? Message the seller and demand they accept the domain push?

It is better to renew the domain name, and ask the buyer to pay for the renewal

Not a bad idea, but I ended up getting in touch with GoDaddy Auctions (marketplace the domain was sold through) and they were able to go in and take care of it for the buyer. Issue was resolved thankfully! :slight_smile: