Best places to sell your domains

There are tons of different domain marketplaces out there you can use for listing and selling your domain names. Some are better than others and some charge different amounts in commission. Listed below are some of the marketplaces I would recommend listing your domains in. Keep in mind, if you have an extremely large portfolio then you may not want to submit into every single one. Otherwise, it’s going to be a pain to manage them all the time.

Sedo - One of the biggest marketplaces out there. Everyone should have their domain portfolio listed on the Sedo marketplace. Whether you are parking them there or not!

Afternic - Not only is Afternic an extremely large marketplace, by listing your domains here they will also be listed on the GoDaddy sales platform as well. I recommend listing all domains here as well!

DomainNameSales - You’ll need a larger portfolio to be accepted here, but they are another excellent place to list your portfolio. If you get accepted, I recommend using DomainNameSales.

CAX - It’s not completely free to join CAX. I think they get a one-time $29 fee to join. However, this marketplace is owned by the same guys who own, so you know they have a large network of resellers to get your name in front of!

Flippa - They aren’t just for selling developed websites anymore! Flippa offers domain auctions and the ability to list them open for offers. They get allot of traffic so Flippa is definitely worth listing on.

Bido - Not as popular as the others, Bido is another website you can list domains on. I wouldn’t list larger portfolios, but names that you are wanting to get rid of can usually fetch low-mid $XX in the Bido marketplace.

If there are any others I’ve forgotten about, share them here!

In which marketplace have you sold most of your domain names? What is the best price you have got for a domain name

I see you haven’t mentioned Namepros, although it is a basically a forum. But the marketplace of Namepros is also very active, so you may list your domain there too. Moreover listing is free.