30,000 Chinese Premium LLLL.net Buyout

This news took place a little bit earlier this month, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it.

A few weeks back it was reported that one Chinese company went out and registered all available Chinese premium LLLL.net domains. There were about 30,000 available that met this criteria (No A,E,I,O,U,V) and the cost could have been upwards of $240,000…

This is impressive news for anyone out there thinking about getting into a new trend. Do you think a particular Chinese company might know something we don’t just yet?

There are still dozens of Chinese premium LLLL.net domains dropping each day. Although, most these days are either backordered or registered automatically using software like DesktopCatcher. If you’re looking for something new to invest in keep an eye on this market. The average price of Chinese premium LLLL.com domains skyrocketed almost overnight, the same type of thing could be in the works here as well!